Q: The first ancient Olympics were held in Olympia (Greece) in?

Q: The first modern Olympics were held in which year in Athens (Greece)?

Q: Who is the president of Indian Olympic Association?

Q: Joseph Schooling, who won 100 metre butterfly Gold in swimming at Rio is from?

Q: Who of the following is India’s only individual Gold medallist at Olympics?

Q: What is the duration of an international Football match?

Q: Where did the flying Sikh Milkha Singh broke the world record in 400 meters?

Q: Roger Federer has won how many grand slams?

Q: Who of the following has taken maximum test wickets?

Q: Who holds the record of 8 Olympic Gold Medals at one single Olympics?

Q: Which Country’s team has won first ever men’s Hockey Gold at Rio?

Q: The International Olympics Committee (IOC) hqs and Olympics museum is in which city?

Q: Who has won maximum Gold medals at Olympics (23 Gold & 5 other) till date?

Q: Usain Bolt belongs to which of the following Countries?

Q: Mariyappan Thangavelu, who won Gold medal at 2016 Rio Paralympics excels in ?

Q: Who of the following is oldest female player to have won a Singles grand slams?

Q: The 2016 Copa America Football tournament has been won by which Country?

Q: Which of the following state of India is considered as cradle of modern Polo?

Q: The 2018 FIFA World cup will be hosted by which of the following Countries?

Q: Who of the following was India’s first one day Centurion?