Q: The special safeguard mechanism relates to which of the following?

Q: Which one of the following sectors is not the part of service Sector?

Q: Which of the following is the biggest economy of Europe today?

Q: In India the Banks have to lend what %age of their total credit to agriculture sector?

Q: The 14th Finance commission, raised States share Of States to-----% instead of 32%?

Q: Amartya Sen specialized in which of the following field of Economics?

Q: The contribution of agriculture to GDP in India during 2015-16 was about what percent?

Q: Which of the following is India’s biggest E-Commerce company?

Q: Which of the following is World’s biggest E-Commerce company?

Q: In which year, the rail budget was separated from General budget?

Q: The global economic prospects is issued by which of the following organizations?

Q: A minimum of what %age of budget of each Ministry has to be spent in Northeastern region?

Q: In which of the following Industries, maximum people are employed in India?

Q: In which year, India sold 20 tonnes Gold to tide over the economic crisis?

Q: Noble laureate Mohammad Yunus belongs to which of the following Countries?

Q: Who of the following is the author of ‘The wealth of nations’ ?

Q: Where is the Hqs of World bank & IMF?

Q: Who of the following is the newest member of WTO?

Q: Which of the following Countries is the largest recipient of remittances in the World?

Q: The most appropriate measure of a Country’s economic growth is?