History Modern-HSTN24

Q: In 1939, the attack of Germany on which Country started the second World war?

Q: Where was the Christianity first introduced in India?

Q: Who was the founder of ‘Servants of India society’?

Q: Whose minutes of 1835 laid the foundations of modern education system in India?

Q: Who of the following had propounded the theory of national drain?

Q: In 1872, where was Lord mayo assassinated?

Q: The massacre at Jalianwala bagh was preceded by passage of which Act?

Q: Which battle established British supremacy in India?

Q: Who were the first European to come to India?

Q: In which year, India came under direct British control?

Q: Where did the Congress demand poorna swaraj?

Q: Who of the following was called grand oldman of India?

Q: When did the Partition of Bengal take place?

Q: ‘Satya Sodhak Samaj’ was established by who of the following?

Q: Who was the first Governor General of India under the British rule?

Q: When did Gandhi return from South Africa?

Q: Gandhi ji considered who of the following as his political Guru?

Q: From where did Gandhi start civil disobedience movement in 1930?

Q: Raja Ram Mohan Roy founded which of the following?

Q: Who of the following is called the father of local self Government in India?