Q: Tarun Bharat Sangh in Rajasthan is associated with which of the following?

Q: Pop Francis belongs to which Country?

Q: Ambika Shukla is a?

Q: The decade 2011 to 2020 is being celebrated as UN decade of?

Q: Which of the following is the only Christian majority State in India?

Q: As per 2011 census, which is the second most populous State in India?

Q: As per one UN report, World population in 2050 is projected to become?

Q: Who is the Chairman of ‘National Knowledge Commission’?

Q: About what %age of Iceberg is above sea level in percentage

Q: The MAORIS are inhabitants of which of the following Countries?

Q: Which Indian State has highest per capita GDP?

Q: Which of the following authors had declined the Nobel prize for litreture?

Q: Which of the following is the most populous city in the World?

Q: The Plane’s black box is of what colour?

Q: Which of the following South Asian Countries has highest population density?

Q: Who of the following got Nobel prize for literature while being head of the Government?

Q: Which is the nodal Ministry for national Bio-diesel mission?

Q: In how much time a ship crosses the international date line going from west to East?

Q: What percent of the total geographical area is approximately covered by forest in India?

Q: Which of the following was the first Country to legalise Euthanasia?