Current Affairs India-CAI42

Q: Who is a child as per national policy for children 2013?

Q: Which one of the following Services has been permanently discontinued by India post?

Q: Who is the winner of Jnanpith award 2016?

Q: Lakshmi, India’s first banking robot, has been launched by which of the following banks?

Q: Where was the Ministerial Conference of the Heart of Asia-Istanbul Process held in December 2016?

Q: Kalian Prasad Bhattacharya, who died on in March 2017 in a road accident in West Bengal, was a noted?

Q: According to National Health Profile 2015, which State has highest maternal mortality rate in India?

Q: Which state of India had recorded highest domestic tourist footfall in 2016?

Q: In which of the following Countries, the triple Talaq is still practiced?

Q: Which of the following States has lowest %age of its population below the Poverty line?

Q: Which State has accorded Sanskrit the status of second Official language?

Q: Which one of the following Indian languages was given the status of classical language recently?

Q: Where was the International Aero India 2017 organised?

Q: The largest single-site solar power project in the World will come up in which Indian State?

Q: After Bombay High, which is the second largest crude oil producer in India?

Q: Which of the following Indian States has the least infant mortality rate?

Q: Under a new Ordinance, how many notes of demonetized currency can a person hold?

Q: As per Great Backyard bird count (GBCC) 2017, which of the following States has 45% species of bird in India?

Q: Which State has emerged as a centre of drug manufacturing?

Q: At which of the following places a nuclear power plant is being set up in Andhra Pradesh?