Earth & Planet-ERT6

Q: In our Solar system, which is the densest Planet?

Q: Which of the following planets is called Morning & Evening Star?

Q: Which of the following planets in our Solar system is nearest to Sun?

Q: The Viking, Pathfinder & phoenix are spacecraft sent to which of the following Planets?

Q: Which Planet spins fastest on its axis?

Q: Which Planet in our Solar system has maximum number of Satellites?

Q: What is the name of biggest satellite of Saturn (bigger than the Mercury)?

Q: Which of the following is known as dwarf Planet?

Q: The Asteroids are found mainly between which Planets?

Q: Which is the brightest Star?

Q: Light year is a unit of which of the following?

Q: By how much the Equatorial circumference of Earth is greater than the Polar one?

Q: Where is the Sea of tranquillity & Sea of storm?

Q: When the Earth is closest to Sun, it is called which of the following?

Q: Which of the following Stars is nearest to our Sun?

Q: The gravitation power of Earth is how many times of Moon?

Q: The geo-stationary satellites are positiond at what height?

Q: To a space traveller,the Sky appears to be of what colour?

Q: How long does the rays of Sun take to reach the Earth?

Q: Which is the longest day (Summer solstice) in Northern hemisphere?