Current Affairs India-CAI40

Q: ShaGun web portal has been launched about which of the following?

Q: Which South Asian Country has become net exporter of Electricity for the first time?

Q: Kishori Amonkar who has died recently has excelled in which field?

Q: Which Indian State accounts for maximum farmer suicides?

Q: India accounts for how much green house emission in percentage in 2016?

Q: How much does the china contribute to Green house Gases in 2016 in %age?

Q: Which State of India has decided to change over to Jaunuary to December financial year?

Q: What is the percentage weightage of 8 Core industries in Industrial production Index?

Q: AS per one report of IMF,India is projected to be 4th largest economy,ahead of Germany,in which year?

Q: Who of the following has been conferred with 52nd Jnanpeeth Award by President?

Q: India based Neutrino observatory is being set up in which State?

Q: Where has the Indian Army done user's trial for 450 kms range Brahmos in May 2017?

Q: Which version of Brahmos has been launched in May 2017?

Q: Which film maker & Actor has won 2016 Dada Phalke Award?

Q: Prafulla Samantara has excelled in which field?

Q: The 47th Earth day was celebrated on?

Q: Who of the following is first batsman to score 10000 runs in 20-20 Cricket?

Q: World's highest rail bridge,taller than Eiffel tower,will come up on which river?

Q: Who of the following has been appointed as Chairman of Public Accounts Committee?

Q: Who will take over as President of Confedration of Indian Industry?