Q: Which of the following is Supreme in India?

Q: Which is the largest Committee of parliament?

Q: What is the time limit prescribed for the ratification of emergency by the Parliament?

Q: Who of the following administers the oath of office to the President of India?

Q: Who of the following preside over the Joint session of the Parliament?

Q: The electioneering has to stop?

Q: The Internal Emergency is imposed under which Article of Constitution?

Q: Which is the main writ for personal freedom?

Q: Which Parliamentary Committees consists of members from Lok Sabha alone ?

Q: At what age the judges of the High Court, including the Chief justice, retire?

Q: In both houses of Parliament how many nominated members can be there?

Q: The Council of Ministers is collectively responsible to whom?

Q: If any question arises whether a bill is a Money Bill or not, whose decision shall be final?

Q: Which of the following is not a fundamental right as per the Indian constitution?

Q: What is the total number of Judges in Supreme Court?

Q: Who of the following is the custodian of the Constitution of India?

Q: Through which amendment, the 9th schedule was added to Constitution?

Q: What is the minimum percentage of members that must be present to hold the meeting (Quorum) of the Lok Sabha?

Q: On which of the following dates, the Constitution was adopted by the People of India?

Q: When did the Constitution of J&K come into force?