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The experience shows that, the GK makes or mars the chances of a candidate in an entrance or competitive examination. Owing to the focus on academic studies, the level of GK of a fresher leaves much to be desired. As per one report in Times of India in March 2016, 60% of eight lac fresh Engineering graduates in India remain unemployed every year. The position of other graduates may be worse. We intend at improving their employability by improving their knowledge about GK & Current affairs.

As the name indicates, we expect a focused approach from the readers to GK.All of you must have tried yourself or seen as a kid that when Sun’s rays are focussed through the spectacles on a piece of paper or dry grass it sets them on fire. When the light is focused more as a laser beam, it can even cut through the steel sheets. We expect a laser type focus on GK for great results in all ventures of readers of