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Frequently Asked Questions

Q1. Whether the number of objective type questions will remain fixed as 8000 or it will undergo a change.

The website begins with 8000 plus objective type questions (including 500 in free section) spanning over 26 different topics. The number of questions will go on increasing, especially in current affairs sections on a weekly basis. Some outdated questions might be deleted and some more new ones added. It will be quite a dynamic process.

Q2.What is special about Gkfocus quizzes.

Each topic is covered based on trend of Objective type questions asked at various Competitive Examinations. Efforts have been made to bring related questions at one place which help the reader remember them better. For example, in Ancient Indian History section all questions relating to Indus valley Civilization have been segregated at one place and about Buddhism at another and likewise.

Q3.When will the PPT portion be available for subscription.

It will be available on-line before June end, 2017.

Q4. What will be the number of PPT presentations?

To begin with, there will be 20 topics covering all hot current topics of national/International importance. More topics could be added subsequently based on need or feedback from users.

Q5. Whether one can take both quiz & PPT subscriptions simultaneously.

Yes, but both will be independent of each other.

Q5. If a reader notices any inaccuracy, what should he/she do.

We have ensured accuracy, however, we request the users to contact us to get it rechecked.